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Now Let Me Fly is SOLD OUT


70th Anniversary Brown
Board of Education

May 17th, 1954 - 2024

Photo by Carl Iwasaki/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images.



The Coalition came about through outreach from the National Park Service to re-establish a collaborative working relationship with The Brown Foundation for Educational Excellence, Equity, and Research.  

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Commemorative Play

Join us for a star-studded cast performance of Now Let Me Fly,

by Marcia Cebulska.

Based on hundreds of oral histories and personal interviews, Now Let Me Fly brings to life the real stories and real people behind the Brown v. Board case. 

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Vanessa German

Experience new works created by acclaimed citizen artist vanessa german alongside members of the Topeka community in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Brown v Board of Education decision. 


Did you attend one of Topeka's four former African American elementary schools before or after the Brown v Board decision?

If so, please plan to register and attend the Homecoming Celebration. Everyone  is welcome to attend.


Community groups unite to honor the on-going legacy of

Brown v. Board of Education

and the US Supreme Court's decision to hear all five 1952 school desegregation cases collectively.  


Belton v Gebhart (Delaware)

Bolling v Sharp (Washington, D.C.)

Briggs v Elliott (South Carolina)

Brown v Board of Education (Kansas)

Davis v Prince Edward County School Board (Virginia)

This grouping was significant because it showed school segregation as a national issue, and not just a regional one.

Click on each location to learn more about the case. You can also visit The Brown Foundation here.



"This is an exciting time for not just Topeka and America, but for the entire world. We can look back seventy years to see how far we have come and then look forward to assess how far we yet need to go.  So much hangs on the continued work that the Brown decision set in motion."

- Dr. Beryl New, Coalition Co-Chair and Kansas African American Affairs Commissioner 

Our Team.

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